Worldwide consulting and training services for forward-thinking media companies

You need strategic thinking and a sound execution plan ... and you need it to be embraced by your staff. We can help you and your team evolve the shared vision, concrete goals, and skill set necessary to thrive in a highly competitive digital universe. Contact us to discuss your needs.


WAN-IFRA India 2018 conferenceHyderabad, Sept. 25-27. One-day workshop on practicing journalism in a social media context, and a World Editors Forum talk on the multimedia newsroom of 2020: skills and structure. 

Mobile content monetization and user experiences, two-day workshop Oct. 25-26 in Chennai, India.


Content monetization strategiestwo-day workshops Nov. 12-13 in Dubai, UAE and Nov. 15-16 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Digital journalism strategy and training

From coverage plans to writing style, the theory and practice of digital news can be challenging. We can help you and your team embrace the always-on, always-connected universe while retaining the values and objectives of solid journalism. 

Social media strategy and training

Social media is your best frenemy. It's an audience-provider and an audience-stealer, an opportunity for connection but also division. From the rules to the tools, we can help your newsroom learn to thrive in a world where the social network is built in, not added on. 

Web development and technology

With our extensive open-source technology background, we can help you embrace change, avoid vendor lock-in, and get custom results without falling into the custom-development trap. We can help guide you from concept through design, testing, implementation and deployment.

Content management and publishing systems

It's not enough to have a great website -- you need to embrace a complex mix of digital and print media. Our experience with online and print, vendor and open-source, standard and bespoke systems can help you create a sound plan, and our deployment and training experience can help you execute effectively.

Who we are

Steve Yelvington was born into the news business. He has served as VP/Audience, VP/Content and Strategy, Director of Publishing Systems, Executive Editor and other roles for Morris Communications, Cox Interactive Media,  and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Before moving to the digital world in 1994, he worked in print journalism in Minnesota, Missouri and Illinois. He has won both the EPPy Outstanding Individual Achievement and NAA Online Innovator award.

Where we've been

We've conducted training from Florida to Alaska and in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, India, Ukraine and Malaysia. We replaced newsroom content management systems in 11 daily newspapers, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars per month. We've built award-winning websites throughout the history of the open Internet. We can provide project guidance and project management in any of our practice areas. Contact us to discuss your needs.